How big is Garage Rock Academy's typical class size?

The answer to this question truly depends on the type of instrument in question. Class sizes range from a maximum of 3 students in a drum class while some guitar classes can have up to 10 students in them. These class sizes have been piloted and perfected to ensure your student is getting the best, most focused direction available. Within the first few classes, students in these groups have usually formed friendships, worked as partners and developed healthy rivalries with each other to keep themselves motivated to stay up on their studies.

How do I get the most out of Garage Rock Academy's curriculum for my student?

The success of the Garage Rock Academy's programs really depends on two factors. First, it is important that parents strive to make sure that their students attend every class on their schedule, if at all possible. Make up materials are available should a student need to miss a class. However, it will become slightly more challenging for students during the week that they will miss the classroom instruction to ensure that they are completely caught up with their work on their own and in time for the following week's class. It is recommended that families plan their vacations or any upcoming dates when they know that their students might be unavailable around the Garage Rock Academy's class schedule so that valuable classroom instruction will not be missed.

Secondly, the program relies on individual off-campus practice time. If both the student and the parent share the desire to get the most out of the Garage Rock Academy experience, outside home practice times should be made available for the student daily for every day they are away from class. It takes no more than 30 minutes a day of concentrated practice time to master the week's assignments. No more than an hour of practice time is recommended during any day the student is attending Garage Rock Academy. This is because studies have shown that extended free-form practice time without distinct and rigid direction can result in bad technical habits being formed that will show up when the student becomes involved in more advanced studies.

It is critical to understand that it is not possible for beginning students to become proficient in the techniques and concepts introduced during a given week without daily practice. Therefore, the Garage Rock Academy method calls for roughly an 80%-20% mix between off-campus practice and in-class instruction. So figure on 3 hours per week (30 minutes per day x 6 days per week) of solid, effective self-study for each student blended with 40 minutes of classroom time equals the optimum balance to get the most out of the program. Attempting just a once-a-week cram session will not result in any benefit whatsoever for the student and should be avoided at all costs. In fact, the once-a-week practice approach is the single biggest reason for failure in any musical instrument study forum, whether it be private lessons or classroom instruction. "Muscle-memory" which is vital to all musical instrument studies, is not learned in all-at-once sessions and must be developed in small progressions over time.

Frustration with the difficulty involved with learning their instrument is another huge factor which can result in students abandoning their musical instrument studies. At Garage Rock Academy, we understand this reality and endeavor to continually reinforce the "big picture" for students and encourage them to work through their frustrations on their way to their periodic goals. Students, when they practice using the principles outlined above, are able to very quickly take a look back at where they've been and how far they've come.

How does Garage Rock Academy's tuition compare to the cost of private lessons?

Actually, Garage Rock Academy's tuition costs wind up being much more affordable than private lessons. When compared side-by-side, the value of Garage Rock Academy's classes becomes evident. A 12-week course at Garage Rock Academy consists of 480 minutes of instruction. That's 8 hours worth! 12 weeks of private lessons equals just 6 hours of instruction time (360 minutes). Students at Garage Rock Academy get two hours more instruction every 12 weeks! Factoring in the industry-standard $25 cost per half hour class for private lessons and broken down by hourly cost, private lessons cost $50.00 to Garage Rock Academy's $37.50.

Here's how Garage Rock Academy's tuition program works:

Tuition for classes is charged on a per class basis. Visit our Classes section for pricing per class. Tuition is collected monthly and in advance. For example, if a student is enrolling in classes for the month of March, tutition becomes due March 1 and the monthly total for all classes the student is signing up for in that month must be received in full prior to the start of their first class of the month. Students will not be admitted to class if their tutition is not paid up to date. As each month rolls over, tuition must be received prior to the first class of the new month.

Tuition can be paid on a week-to-week basis, however, a 15% charge will be added to the cost of each class for processing.

Invoices will be sent via email usually 5 days or more in advance of the due date for tuition. Please check your invoices carefully for accuracy and report any problems immediately.

Missed classes will not be refunded. Classes are sequential so it is critical that students receive the material for each week's lesson. Instructors will make every effort to find an alternative time to makeup the lesson for students who will miss a class. When this cannot happen students will be emailed the lesson material and effort will be given to catch the student up in their next class. The Garage Academy's instructors will always strive to ensure that students are continually caught up in their classes. This is the reason no refunds are given. This policy applies to all classes offered at The Garage Academy.

Discounts available:
1. Garage Rock Academy offers a tuition break for students that pay in advance for the entire 12 weeks of class time. All classes, with the exception of Garage Band, can be paid for all-at-once in advance for only $275.00 which saves $25.00 (the cost of one class) over paying by the month.
2. Garage Rock Academy parents who have more than one student enrolled in classes will receive a 15% discount for each additional child enrolled.

It has been our experience that students younger than the minimum age that Garage Rock Academy has set for its student base tend to struggle mightily with musical instrument instruction. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, but, generally, it is best to wait until little minds (in addition to little fingers) reach a more optimum age of teachability before rushing them into lessons. Garage Rock Academy will entertain the idea of permitting students younger than the minimum age requirement into classes provided they are able to display, at least, a basic proficiency on their instrument. This will be left to the discretion of the class instructor following a very brief interview/audition with the student. Give us a call or email us if you are interested in setting up an interview for your student.






Can my student sign up for classes if they don't meet the minimum age requirement for their chosen instrument?

My student can already play their instrument, can they join a Garage Band?

Students who have not begun their studies at Garage Rock Academy but know how to play their instrument or have experience singing are permitted to join a Garage Band class following an audition. Auditions are brief and are simply set up so instructors can gauge a student's ability and their understanding of musical concepts and language which will be used in the Garage Band classes. We are always looking for outside talent and encourage any and all students who play to try out for a Garage Band.

Pretty much the coolest place ever for a kid of any age to learn how to play a rock instrument so he or she can BE in a rock band and play live every month. Put the work in for six months with the eye on the prize and then you get to play at cool restaurants and events all over. It was the best thing ever for my son to learn drums, but it’s ideal for learning any rock instrument. Thanks Eric, your academy is awesome!!
— Paul S.