garage Band

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The Garage Band Program:

Garage Band is the premier music program offered by Garage Rock Academy. It is a performance-based program that allows organized bands to play in a structured supervised setting, providing them with both a rigorous and effective weekly rehearsal schedule along with guaranteed monthly gigs at established local venues. All bands will perform in at least one organized event per month.

Garage Band (GB): Students will be accepted into the Garage Band class for any one of the following positions: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard or Drums. The ideal Garage Band class will be comprised of a lead vocalist, an electric guitarist (w/ vocals, if possible), an acoustic guitarist (w/ vocals, if possible), a bass player (w/ vocals, if possible) and a drummer, however, quite a number of combinations of players can be put together to form a class. As spaces fill up, your student will be placed into the next opening in a future Garage Band class. Band members will work in four to five week sessions on a repertoire of 3-4 cover tunes of their choosing to be performed live at Garage Rock Academy's Garage Band showcases which are held monthly at various local area restaurant venues or other cool locations. After each performance, the bands will each begin learning 3-4 new tunes to make up their portion of the set at the next showcase. This is an experience like no other. Students will first begin by working together as a group to come up with a name for their band - image is everything, after all. From there, they will learn advanced music theory - not in book form or on paper, but in actual practice as it is utilized in the real world of music. Friendships will be made with like-minded individuals that may very well produce bands and groups that exist outside of The Garage Academy. Finally, students will have repeating opportunities to play live at full volume in front of throngs of their screaming and adoring fans. Students may invite as many friends and family members as they would like to the showcase performances.  The more full the venues become, the better the experience for everybody.
Prerequisite: Electric/Acoustic Guitar 201, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drumset 201 or Vocals (Auditions are mandatory for all Garage Band positions)
Cost - $35.00 per 60-minute weekly class (tuition due monthly)

Couldn’t say enough about our experience with Eric! Our son has learned so much (drums) just in a few months! So so pleased!
— Kristin S.